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Who are you?

My name is Freddie Woolfe. I live and work in London, and have spent most of my career working in responsible investment. I believe passionately in the transformative power of capital allocation to bring about positive societal outcomes at the same time as delivering the investment returns needed to pay pensions, etc etc. I am also a keen musician and photographer. 

Erm, what are you doing?

This photograph was taken outside the Perez Centre for Peace and Innovation in Tel Aviv. The visit to the Centre formed part of one of the the fascinating technology and innovation electives of the Cass Business School MBA, which as well as modules in London took me to experience business and social impact opportunities across the word including in Israel, Kenya, Palestine and Vietnam.


Changing the world requires big dreams, for sure. But more than just dreams it requires action, and it requires us to know why we do what we do. It requires purpose.


So what is the purpose of this website?

What is the future?

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