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Welcome to my new website on purpose and investment! It is rather exciting to think about how you might have come across it; perhaps a shared passion for the subject or a mutual connection. Or just Google working its magic. Whichever way, I hope you find something of interest to you here and, if you do, please do get in touch.

As an investment analyst I look at companies and speak to management teams and boards on a regular basis. My interest in sustainability and purpose means that these topics often form the basis for those discussions. The idea of this website is therefore to provide some practitioner thoughts on applying the concept of corporate purpose when investing in the equity markets. The website is divided into sections.

About: I provide some more background to the website and my dissertation.

Posts: This is where I will post

Reading: This is an ever-growing repository of interesting things I have read, split into research and books. I would be very grateful if you highlight anything to me that you would recommend reading. BLOGS


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